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Definition of Tacuache

Small mammal belonging to the marsupial family and is scattered throughout the American continent. It is omnivorous and is generally known by the name of a possum.


 In the United States, especially, tacuache is a derogatory insult used by Mexican immigrants. This insult is often used as a comparison of someone with a possum or weasel depending on the context.


  1. Zarigüeya
  2. Tlacuache
  3. Carachupa
  4. Sariga
  5. Mutt


Tacuache comes from the name tlacuache and this from the Nahuatl tlacuatzin which means opossum. From this perspective, the term is only an idiomatic update to Spanish of a term that has been used in Mexico since ancient times.

Around the American continent there are different names that possums take. For example, in some areas of Colombia they are called chuchos, while in Peru they are sarigas. On the other hand, in Bolivia they are called carachupas.


One of the actions related to the opossum is to be crushed by a vehicle, therefore, tacuache can mean “crushed opossum”.

 There is a Mexican Movie called “El tacuache” that, among other things, stars Max Hernández Junior and tells the story of a man who gets rich.