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Definition of Neta

Very popular expression in Mexican slang that means “truth”. In other words, it is an affirmation that what is being said is true. For example: I assure you that it is the neta wey.

As in many statements in Spanish, it can be used as a question to something that cannot be believed to be true. In this context: – You know, Jorge has invited me to the cinema. – Neta?


  1. Yes
  2. Truth
  3. Really
  4. That’s how it is


  1. Not
  2. Lie
  3. Negative
  4. Fake


It is said that “neta” comes from the French net which means “pure or clean”. The word net, in turn, is an abbreviation of Latin nitidus which means it has the same meaning. This is why it was adapted in Mexico to refer to something that is a “clear truth”.

It is a very common term in popular Mexican slang, mainly in the youth environment. The word “truth” could refer to something that may or may not be true, however, “the net” is an absolute truth for the citizens of this country.


Under the name of “La neta” it is titled one of the songs of the urban and Puerto Rican singer Lenny Tavarez. The song corresponds to track number 4 of the album “KRACK” released in early 2021.