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Spiritual Meaning of Lechuza Blanca

Definition of Spiritual Meaning of Lechuza Blanca

The spiritual meaning of Lechuza Blanca (white owl) is found in its relation to wisdom, mystery or even premonition of danger or evil, depending on the culture.

SYNONYMS FOR Lechuza Blanca

  1. Bird of prey
  2. Mystical bird
  3. Amulet against danger

ORIGIN OF THE Spiritual Meaning of Lechuza Blanca

The white owl has a very interesting spiritual meaning, usually possessing a close relationship with wisdom, mystery or patience, as it usually lurks in the dark, waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce on its prey.

People who assume the barn owl as a spiritual guide usually possess mystical abilities, such as the ability to guess the real intentions of people, similar to the ability of this bird to see at night.

It is also considered to be a messenger of God and angels. If a person recently tried to contact his Guardian Angel and is waiting for an answer, the owl can be the messenger and he will have to concentrate on his actions and thoughts because there is the answer.

However in ancient Egypt the white owl was associated with death and darkness, as well as in Greek mythology it was the symbol of the goddess Athena.

Perhaps as it is a nocturnal bird in those contexts and ancient times it had these evil meanings and bad omens.

Contrary to the Middle East, where the white owl meant protection and was seen as the guardian, the possessor of wisdom.

In other areas such as America, it was seen as protection and was used as an amulet, and even its feathers were used as a shield against evil spirits.

CURIOSITIES OF Spiritual Meaning of Lechuza Blanca

Curiosities of the spiritual significance of the white owl

Some say that if you observe it repeatedly, it is because it is your spiritual guide.

The owl is also considered a messenger of God.