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Definition of Sutro

Bad or wicked. Used mostly among young people. For example: “that sutra is your friend, I am afraid of how she acts.”


Collection of texts that seek to guide spiritually. They are part of the Buddhist religion and are, for the most part, records of the Buddha’s speeches and teachings.


Sutro Historic District is an area located in San Francisco, United States.


The word Sutro comes from a classical language of India, “Sutra” which means rope or thread. Sutro or Sutra, formerly were the Buddhist scriptures or teachings or the discourses given by Buddha to his disciples, although culturally the word Sutra is attributed to Buddhism, it can also be used to refer to writings of other Eastern traditions, such as Hinduism.

Among young people there is no clear record of how it began to be used as a synonym for evil, in addition, its use is not entirely widespread, which makes it difficult to understand and know its origin. However, the terms that are created every day to convey different messages in a new way are diverse.


Mount Sutro or El Monte Sutro is a hill located in the central part of San Francisco, United States. Previously, it was known as Mount Parnassus.

Sutro Tower is a radio signal tower that is located on Mount Sutro in San Francisco. The name of the tower comes from a renowned character in the area called Adolf Sutro.

Bath Sutro were a well-known swimming pool in San Francisco and now part of the historic district.

Sutro Historic District is known as an area of ​​various attractions built by Adolf Sutro in San Francisco and part of the United States National Park Service.

Sutro is a line of sports glasses from the renowned Oakley brand.