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Ogunda Biode

Definition of Ogunda Biode

Ogunda biode is a sign from the Yoruba religion, this religion is closely related to Santeria and Cuban syncretism. Next we will tell you what Ogunda biode means , what are its origins and other curious information.

The origin of Ogunda Biode comes directly from the Yoruba religion , a religion that is native to Nigeria , a country located on the African continent.

The Cuban Santeria in turn is born as a syncretism between Christianity and Yoruba religion during the colonization of America.

The term Ogunda Biode is an expression used in Cuban santeria, within this religion ogunda biode means “Yoruba sign associated with corruption, infidelity, and other characteristics . 

Ogunda biode is a sign of the Yoruba religion, and as such it works similarly to the Greek zodiac signs.

Thus, in this religion, each year is governed by a different sign, for example the year 2020 is governed by the second biode sign.

Within this religion it is believed that both the events of the year and the people marked under this sign will be affected by specific events.

Ogunda biode has a series of specific characteristics that give it identity, and character.

Next we will show the most representative features of the Ogunda Biode sign.

  • People under this sign must be obedient as they may suffer misfortunes.
  • A woman during this sign tends to be gossipy, liar or prostitute.
  • People during Ogunda biode should not sympathize with anyone and if they do they will not be rewarded.
  • The weaknesses in this sign are the throat and stomach.

When a year is governed by this sign it is said that it is prone to betrayals, infidelities corruption of more.