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Definition of Shalom

Literally this Hebrew word is translated into Spanish as “peace”, that is, it refers to the internal or external state of tranquility and unconcern.

In the environment of the Hebrew culture it is also used as a form of greeting or farewell, equivalent to “hello or goodbye.” Actually, it refers to “peace be upon you”.


  1. Peace
  2. Fullness
  3. Prosperity
  4. Well


Shalom is a word of Hebrew origin whose meaning may vary according to the context in which it is used. It is taken from the root of the word shalam, which means “to be secure in mind, body or inheritance”. That is, it means “peace” and is used to express that “well-being or inner peace” that each human being possesses.

When you greet with shalom you not only say “hello”, but you are also wishing that the other person receives “peace, well-being and emotional balance”. It is a term used to express good wishes and in some way bless others, that is why it is equivalent to “peace be with you”.


The Arabs use the word shalam as their version of shalom . Whose meaning is quite similar and they share origin because they are oriental languages.

In the Old Testament book of Genesis, this term is shown as shalom lachem and means “peace be with you”.

One of the names of God that can be found in the Bible is Jehovah Shalom which means “God of peace”. In this sense, it shows an attribute of the Lord that is to produce peace in the hearts of his children.