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Urbi et orbi

Definition of Urbi et orbi

Urbi et orbi is a Latin phrase used by the pope in specific activities throughout the year, these are: Easter Sunday and Christmas Day on December 25. Urbi et orbi is a papal blessing addressed to Rome and the world on these dates already mentioned.

Urbi et orbi means the city of Rome and the world, this blessing is given at noon from the balcony of the blessings of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. This blessing is usually done at the end of the conclave before the election of the new pope.

This blessing grants Catholic faithful remission for the penalties of sins committed. When we speak of remission of guilt it means that people return to be in grace with God as long as they do not commit mortal sin.

Origin of the phrase Urbi et orbi

Historians have linked the use and origin of this phrase to the times of the Roman Empire. Urbi et orbi was the phrase with which the proclamations of the Roman Empire began.

Curious fact

For the first time in the history of the papacy and the Catholic Church, in March 2020 Pope Francis gave a homily in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican completely empty due to the closure of the Vatican as a result of the pandemic by COVID-19