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Definition of Emuna


Something safe and established, that you can trust and believe.

Authentic faith that goes beyond reason.


  1. Fe
  2. Confidence
  3. Belief
  4. Firmness


  1. Distrust
  2. Infidelity
  3. Disbelief
  4. Disloyalty


It is a Hebrew word that shares its origin and root with four words. The first is Amen: “so be it.” The second, Lehitamén: “train”. The third, Omenet: “nurse, that person who gives of herself”. Finally, Imún: “training”. These four words allow us to give us an idea of ​​the breadth and depth of the word Emuná as well as its origin.

Thus Emuná is formed as a spiritual training based on authentic faith for the awakening of the mind in an unlimited and open way. This expands the senses of perception, emotion and action of the human being, motivating him to carry out kind actions out of his own conviction. This means that it does not depend on guidelines or rules imposed by religious ministries, but on oneself, because one has faith not by reason or imposition.


The emunah can be put to the test through martyrdom. Through this, the person must decide whether to give his life for his faith or not. A person with a superrational emunah sees denying his emunah as denying the existence of himself.

If someone wants to obtain it, they should know that it is believed to be innate, but it can be strengthened through study, reasoning and experience.