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Definition of LLDM

LLDM stands for LA LUZ DEL MUNDO, words that belong to a Christian church located in the city of Monterrey in Mexico where it was founded on April 6, 1926. This church claims to be founded to serve Jesus Christ the son here on earth .

This church governs its doctrines according to the new testament, religious foundations of the life of Jesus representing his apostles today. Here the norms, principles and offices of the early Christian church formed in the 1st century were restored.

The founder of this church says in his testimony that he did it by a divine call, this person was known as Eusebio Joaquín González before his call to doctrine, but after the call his name became the Apostle Aarón Joaquín.

Currently this church is located internationally and is led by the so-called Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naasón Joaquín García.

Today this church is found in more than 50 nations on 5 continents.

Curious fact

The self-proclaimed Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naasón Joaquín García is detained in California facing criminal charges for sexual abuse and possession of child pornography.

These crimes were denounced by her personal assistant, who says that she was abused since she was 9 years old, because in the church they were told that her body belonged to The Light of the World.