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Sopla Vaso

Definition of Sopla Vaso

In Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and other Latin American countries; They use some curious games when holding a party, and “Sopla Vaso” is one of them. Next will tell you what Sopla Vaso means and everything you need to know to integrate this game into your party. Do we start

In the first instance you need several balloons , from 10 to 15 glasses per participant and a table or a flat surface where to place the glasses.

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To play, you just have to place several lines of glasses (the same number of participants) on the flat surface and give a deflated balloon to each participant , and ready … the game is ready to start.

At the count of three, each participant must inflate the balloon, then use the air inside the balloon to throw all the vessels from their line . The first to knock down all the glasses is the winner .

This is a fun, cheap and creative activity. You can pour a little water in each glass to make the game a bit more difficult.

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