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Definition of Medialuna

Medialuna is a term used to describe an object with a shape similar to the waxing or waning moon. This word is made up of the adjective media and the noun luna; in that same order, its meaning is half and natural satellite of planet Earth

The term medialuna can be used in different contexts, for example:

  • It can be used as a synonym for the crescent moon phase that usually appears two days after the new moon.
  • The Muslim prayer whose importance is linked to the history of the Islam people.
  • The red medialuna also known as the International Red Cross is a global humanitarian movement, this institution is linked to others whose objective is similar; promote international humanitarian rights.
  •  In Mexico there is a Llamanda lagoon: Laguna de la media luna located in the municipality of Rio Verde in San Luis Potosí. It owes its name to its shape.
  • Cayo Media Luna islet belonging to Cuba.
  • Half Moon Island is a small crescent shaped island administered by the United Kingdom as part of the South Georgia Islands.
  • In the Khobar city in Saudi Arabia there is a recreation place called Half Moon Bay, known for its fishing.
  • In countries like Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, medialuna is the term used to call breads known as croissants.

Curious fact

The singer and songwriter Camilo Echeverry or better known as Camilo, released a song titled Medialuna, this song belongs to his album for the first time .