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Alerta Roja

Definition of Alerta Roja

It refers to a warning of risk caused by an imminent danger, that is, it is necessary to evacuate the population from threatened areas to safer places. It is used in many areas of life such as health, meteorology, the environment, among others.

As a prognostic indication, especially in meteorology and geology, it is an indicator of a high level of threat that requires drastic and urgent measures.


The phrase “Alerta Roja” is used to denote a high and imminent risk to the population. It is not clear when its use in this sense began, however, it is used throughout the planet. From this perspective, the local people must be evacuated or protected.

A Red Alert can be established immediately with the necessary breadth and coverage, without prior notice of a “Alerta Amarilla” that is, it can be immediate depending on the characteristics of the situation. Similarly, when a red alert passes, it can be another type of alert or return to normal.


“Alerta Roja” is a 2019 movie filmed in South Korea. This filming was directed and created by Kim Byung-seo and Lee Hey-hun.