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Definition of Soliá

central america

  1. People can use this word to refer to beach days, when a person is sunny or sunny. In other words, it tans. An example would be: María went to the beach and arrived soliá.
  2. Synonymous with loneliness, in this sense, it is a distortion of the word “lonely”. That is, it is used for women exclusively. For example: Martha came to the party soliá.


  1. With differenaccentuation, the word soliá refers to actions that were habitual for someone in the past and that are no longer so. For example: I used to sing every day in the shower.


  1. Alone
  2. Free
  3. Single
  4. Available


  1. Accompanied
  2. Engaged
  3. Married


Soliá can be interpreted as the diminutive of sunny. Its meaning is linked to the weather and wants to imply that someone received or is receiving a strong sun. In this case, it refers to the action of tanning intentionally or not.

On the other hand, as a synonym for loneliness the word “soliá” is a different way of saying solita. Intrinsically, the term refers to a woman who is not accompanied. By extension, it is used to designate a woman who can be conquered because she has no commitments.


  1. “Soliá” is song number 7 of the 20 songs on the album “YHLQMDLG” released on February 29, 2020.
  2. The song and album seek to highlight female independence and freedom, stating that she does not need anyone, since she can do whatever she wants.