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Definition of Papotico

Nickname, pseudonym or nickname used in the Dominican Republic to designate a tall man with a thick build.

By extension, it is used in its feminine alternative, papotica, to refer to a woman without any physical distinction.

Affectionate and close way of calling someone, normally, it is used in family settings. For example: Papotico, mijo, you are a very kind son.


Papotico has been a term and used in the Dominican Republic for many years. That is, its use and origin belong to this country. Often the people nicknamed “papotico” tend to be or very tall and robust. In other words, the diminutive is not an expression of the size of the person, but a show of affection or closeness.

Due to its widespread use in the Central American country, the word papotico is used by a large part of the population. Also, it is used in its female version. Generally, the use is familiar and it is the mothers who call their children this way. However, this is not the exclusive use, so it is possible to listen to it in different contexts.


Papotico has gone viral due to the content of a Dominican youtuber named Young Swagon. The content is humorous and portrays home everyday life.