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Definition of Drafted

The word Drafted is a widely used in the world of sports, but its meaning encompasses much more. Next, we will tell you what Drafted means in Spanish , what its origins are and other curious facts. Do we start

The origin of the word Drafetd comes from the English language as a simple past conjugation of the word Draft.

Draft in turn comes from the 16th century as an evolution of the word Drawn, then in the 19th century it was standardized in the military and commercial world.

In the military line the meaning of Drafted is “Person who has been selected to go to war.”

Otherwise, in the Spanish language we could translate and interpret drafted as “Recruited.”

This military process selects personnel from the military reserve and, if required by civilian personnel, to serve in the army.

This term began to be used in the 19th century when the United States Army designated a person for duty to enlist in the army, to fight an armed conflict.

In the sports field the meaning of drafted is “Individual who has been selected for a team”.

In sports, a draft is a process by which several teams select or exchange players with each other.

Examples of use of Drafted:

  • I was drafted for give service in the second world war  – I was recruited into the army to serve in World War II.
  • Lebron James was drafted to LA Lakers  – Lebron James was selected for the Lakers.

Now you know what Drafted means in English