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Definition of Ratreria

Ratreria is an expression from the Dominican Republic that refers to an action done in bad faith and to harm others, it is related to dirty and ugly.

Those who have this type of behavior are ratreros, people with bad behaviors and who are believed to belong to a low social class.


  1. Bad person
  2. Vulgar
  3. Dirty
  4. Mean
  5. Mean-spirited

ORIGIN OF Ratreria

To understand the origin of ratreria it is necessary to first evaluate the word ratreto, which is a Dominican term that replaces the expression rastrero, without the “s”.

Ratrero and rastrero are derogatory adjectives.

A rastrera or ratrera is a person who acts like an animal, at ground level, like a worm, has bad behaviors, is vulgar and can come from barrios.

A ratreto can also refer to a person who is poorly dressed.

In this sense, a ratreria is understood as the sum of all these adjectives, it is something unworthy, it is to be in the presence of negative actions and bad taste.


The Dominican urban singer El Mayor popularized in 2014 his song Ratrero, a song that said in a verse “Ratrero, a mi no me hable de dinero, yo tengo ma cualto que tú y tú ta pegao primero”.

In a part of the song Mamii by Becky G and Karol G (2022) they express “Yo que fui buena y tú, qué gonorrea, pagándome así, Rata de dos patas, lo dijo Paquita, un animal rastrero, Que se comee todo que se atraviesa, Diablo, tú ere’ un cuero.