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Definition of Ralentizar

The word ralentizar “slow down” means to slow down a process or activity, or, alternatively, to decrease its pace or speed. In other words, it is the action of slowing down or slowing down something.


  1. To slow down
  2. To slow down
  3. Slow down
  4. Slowness
  5. Slow process

ORIGIN OF Ralentizar

The word ralentizar means “to slow down” and comes from the suffix “izar” (to turn into) on the word “ralenti” which comes from the French “ralenti” meaning “delayed”. More precisely, since 1588, the word comes into Spanish from the French verb “ralentir” and its past participle “ralenti”.

“Ralentir” is in turn formed from “alentir” (to delay, to take), adding the Latin prefix “re” or “red” which gives the idea of reiteration, again, backwards as in the French words rouvrir (to reopen), réarranger (to accommodate or arrange again), réassortir or rassotir (to provide or supply again), as well as in the Spanish words of reconocer, recordar and rememorar (to recognize, to remember and to recall).

It is worth noting that there are words that are produced from this verb meaning to slow down and one of them is ralentización, which is the action and effect of slowing down. The latter is used for slow financial growth or, more specifically, to slow down the economy, although it has other uses in other areas.


As a curious fact, one of the terms derived from ralentizar is ralentiar, which in turn refers to the minimum number of revolutions per minute of an engine when the accelerator is not operated.

By the way, these words are often mistakenly spelled as follows: relentí, relentizar, relentización. The RAE reports that the word comes from the French ralentir and not relentir.