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Definition of Engullir

The word engullir means to swallow or eat something very quickly, it refers to the action of eating something without chewing, therefore, when a person swallows a plate of pasta or rice food quickly, more than others, then this term is used to define that action.


  1. Swallow
  2. To devour
  3. Eating without chewing
  4. To gulp
  5. Ingurgitate
  6. Embark
  7. To gulp

ORIGIN OF Engullir

The word engullir is a term composed of two words. The first one is “en” and the second one, “gola” which means throat, the latter comes from the Latin gula which also refers to the part of the body.

In fact, in the first instance it was engolir, but its spelling was changed to engollir because of the resemblance it had with other meanings such as engollar or gollete.

Engullir is a verb that is conjugated in all people, its grammatical use acquires a somewhat grotesque or vulgar meaning because it refers to people who eat without education and in a hurry. Its spelling in Spanish does not vary, the only change that the verb witnessed was engollir, which was later transformed to engullir.


The king cobra is one of the snakes that engulfs its victims the fastest.

They are really very violent, their venom is deadly and they do not mind devouring other species such as rattlesnakes and pythons, besides being feared by lions and leopards.

The king cobra is capable of engulfing its victims, as it is the largest venomous species in the world. It lives mainly in India, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Certainly its venom is not the most potent in the entire animal kingdom, but it is deadly and one of the most harmful.