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Definition of Quebrantamiento

In its most used definition quebrantamiento is established that a breach or transgression of a certain law or norm.

This, emphasizing the legal context of the word, can also refer to the breach of a contract or agreement.

In a more generalized context, this term is defined as the action of breaking, destroying, or breaking something specific.

As additional information, in health issues, it is normal to name diseases and illnesses as health quebrantamiento.

Below we will show some examples of the use of this term in its different contexts.

  • “This is a quebrantamiento of the law” – “This is a violation of the law”
  • “ Juan broke the quebrantamiento ” – Juan breached the agreement.
  • “Yesterday I suffered a health quebrantamiento” – Yesterday I got sick.

ORIGIN OF Quebrantamiento

The word Quebrantamiento is born directly from the verb Quebrantar, which has its origin in Latin term Crepare which means to break or creak.