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Dow Jones

Definition of Dow Jones

Dow Jones is a renowned term used in the business world in the United States , both for a Company and for an important industrial measurement system, if you want to know the Meaning of Dow Jones , we will show you below. Shall we start?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average functions as a stock index used to measure the performance of 30 of the largest publicly traded corporations.

Said Index works by means of a mathematical formula that measures the value of the shares and their quantity in order to generate an average.

Some of the best-known companies that are part of this index are:

  • Manzana
  • Intel
  • Nike
  • Disney
  • Coke
  • Microsoft
  • McDonald’s

Among others more …

Historically, this averaging method was born in 1896 when it was first used to measure the performance of 12 companies back then.

In the beginning, this method was designed for large heavy industries, but over time it has varied, including all types of companies.

Dow Jones Average Transportation

As an important fact, there is another average known in English as “ Dow Jones Transportation average ” or Dow Jones transportation average in Spanish.

This average has the quality of being the oldest used in the world of the American stock market today.

It is worth noting the great contribution of Charles Henry Dow to the world of finance, as creator of both indices and also of the famous Wall Street Journal .

Dow Jones Origin

Dow jones is the name created after the association of the economists Charles Henry Dow and Edward David Jones Joining their surnames Respectively.

In the company of Charles Bergstresser , Dow and Jones formed the Dow Jones & Company which is still in force and operating.