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Definition of Cristiano

As the Bible is the guide to the Cristiano faith, to guide you from it to understand the meaning of Cristiano. Shall we start?

According to Christianity, the concept of Cristiano is not that you cannot watch movies, that you cannot dance, that you cannot drink or that you cannot have fun. Christianity is not about rules and regulations to follow, but according to religion, Cristiano is having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, although this is not all that Cristiano means.

The Cristiano is the person devoted to the Christian religion, whose belief is governed by a single deity or God

The Cristiano term is based on the belief that not only is God a religious representation but also his son Jesus Christ. 

So to be more specific, the Cristiano is the one who demonstrates his faith and belief through public acts of self-giving such as baptism, communion , confirmation and respect for the 10 commandments and daily attitudes.

Taking into account all of the above, we can say that, being a Cristiano is giving oneself to Christ, and although it is possible to have fun (dancing, drinking, etc. ), the truth is that the Cristiano demonstrates his faith and his respect for God through acts public

This means that nothing can be mundane. disrespectful or toxic to the soul.

You know what Cristiano means.