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Definition of Quebrantado

The term quebrantado refers to the breakdown of something specific, but this is not all that it means …, if you want to know more, below we will show you what is the meaning of quebrantado and what is its origin. Shall we start?

The word Quebrantado works with several meanings, the most usual being the one that refers to something broken or destroyed , however it is also defined as a synonym for the violation of a specific law.

It is worth mentioning that this word can also refer to the fact that an individual has very poor or damaged health due to an illness or disease.

In the grammatical field, quebrantado can function as an adjective while, it can also be a way to conjugate the verb break.

Below, we will show some examples of use of this word in its various contexts.

  • “The glass in my car is quebrantado (broken)” – The glass in my car has been broken.
  • ” Lately my health is quebrantada (broken) ” – Lately I have poor health.
  • “ Juan has quebrantado (broken) law 25-00 ” – Juan has violated law 25-00.

Origin of Broken.

Quebrantando comes from the vulgar Latin term Crepantare which, if we translate it into Spanish, means creaking or tearing respectively.

In turn, Crepantare originates from crepare, another verb from the Latin language, whose meaning is similar.


 This word has appeared in the title of various songs, including the song Quebrantado by the singer Blanca , released in 2019.

Also, this term appears several times in various preaches, praises and Christian songs as a theme of a quebrantado (broken) heart.