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Definition of Parler

Parler is a French word that means “to speak.” This means that it is an infinitive verb that is used in the French language to designate the human capacity to emit sounds that are encoded in different ways in different contexts.

The term parler has been adopted into Spanish as parlar. However, the adoption of this noun into Spanish is from the word of the Occitan language parlar, which has the same meaning as the French term. The Occitan language is used in countries like Spain, France and Italy.

In Spanish-speaking countries, the verb parlar is used, it can mean at least two things. First, it is used in a derogatory way to refer to someone who speaks many things without much substance or who has the ability to convince even by lying, for example:

  • That’s pure speech
  • Ya, stop talking and let’s talk serious
  • Jorge is talking to Juanita

The other common use in Spanish-speaking contexts of parler, or parlar, is to designate the emission of sounds, in some animals , that resemble human speech. In this case, an animal that commonly talks is the parrot.

Parler, the social network

Parler is the name given to a social network and microblogging founded in 2018 in the state of Nevada, United States. Its founders were John Matze and Jared Thomson and it had approximately five million users as of January 2021.

The use of the term Parler by the social network wants to designate the same act of speaking. Well, its services are focused on the dissemination of messages through the internet.

The Parler social network became known worldwide for being banned by many internet services and application stores. All this is due to political setbacks, since the social network specializes in having users who have been removed from other networks and has little censorship.