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Definition of Bistec

It refers to a fillet or slice of red meat from beef cattle. That is, a piece of meat suitable to be used in different preparations.

Gastronomic preparation based on beef. It is usually presented in the form of a fish market, however, there is also “minced bistec” so this is not always the case.


It is used colloquially in the phrase “soplar el bistec” which is taken as a synonym for infidelity. It is expressed by someone’s partner to the third party who interferes or wants to interfere in their relationship. For example: Maria, are you blowing my steak on me? I don’t want to see you near my boyfriend.


The word Bistec comes from the English term beefsteak which in turn comes from beef which is “ox” and steak which means “fish market”. From the foregoing, it can be understood that its literal meaning is “beef fish market”, however, it refers to cuts of beef of beef origin. 

This cut of meat is very popular in the world, in some places it is prepared on the grill or roasted. On the other hand, in other places it is cooked with onion and other ingredients. Although etymologically it refers to a slice or slice of meat, it can also refer to minced meat in some contexts.


The expression “soplar el bistec” is born in the context of a barbecue or barbecue and the need or custom that each one takes care of their piece of meat. If another person to whom a market does not belong is taking care of it or not letting it burn, it is because they probably want to eat it. From that perspective, it applies in the context of love.


One of the most famous preparations with this cut is the “bistec a caballo” which is a plate of cooked meat that is presented with a fried egg on the cut.

“Bistec” is a musical theme by the Venezuelan band “Los Mentas” this theme was released in 2010 as an independent project and in a “homemade” format.