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Definition of Pambiche

It is a word that designates a type of music similar to merengue. Therefore, it refers to music that is suitable for dancing or that encourages dancing.

Pambiche is a typical musical genre of the Dominican Republic. Its similarity to the dance sound so popular in Latin America is mainly due to the use of the same instruments.


Pambiche is a word that designates a type of music similar to merengue . The word comes from an English phrase, namely palm beach shirt which means “palm and beach shirt”. The reason for this designation responds to the fact that at the beginning of the 20th century, North American soldiers called Dominicans who interpreted this type of music because of their costumes.

For many Dominicans, pambiche is one of the best rhythms to dance. Its musicality is contagious and encourages the listener to move the body, for this reason this type of music is still valid and is one of the Dominican Republic’s own musical references.


 “Pambiche de Novia” is a song by the Dominican singer Juan Luis Guerra. This song is part of the album released on December 25, 2020 and entitled “Privé”. 

Pambiche is a typical Cuban restaurant located in Portland, United States. There, different types of food from Central America are offered and it is known by locals and visitors to the place.