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Definition of Definir

Definir is a verb that we often use to refer to the explanation of the origin or reason for a word or situation, however, this verb can not only be used to refer to the meaning of a word, in what-wants-to-say. com we will explain. 

Definir in spanish can be translated as define. Definir has its origin in the Latin defineé, it is a transitive verb that serves to express accurately and precisely the meaning of a word or the nature of a person or thing, for example:

  • In the letter class we were assigned to define twenty words. 

There are different types of definitions:

  • Nominal that only defines what is related to the name of the concept.
  • Descriptive only refers to characteristics that make the concept of the word to be defined specific.
  • Extension in this list the characteristics to mention.

Other uses:

Definir in art means giving the final details to an artistic work, while in sports it refers to having well-marked muscles, example:

  • Squads help define the leg muscles. 

In theology it is used to establish a point of doctrine as truth of faith, for example:

  • The national council defined the institutional norms of the church. 

From another point of view this can be used as a qualifier to determine the position of a person, example:

  • María defined her position before her emotional crisis. 
  • Marcos is defined as a liberal person. 

Synonyms of Definir

  • Delimit 
  • Specify 
  • Pin up
  • Decide 
  • Establish 
  • Explain 
  • Specify 
  • Solve