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Que Rico

Definition of Que Rico

Que Rico is an expression of colloquial use that usually refers in an exclamatory way to something particularly tasty, eye-catching, interesting, attractive or pleasant.


  1. How divine
  2. How exuberant
  3. How wonderful
  4. How good
  5. How nice
  6. How exciting
  7. How flattering
  8. How tasty
  9. How fantastic
  10. How delicious
  11. How spectacular
  12. How devoted
  13. How immersive
  14. How frenetic
  15. How uninhibited
  16. How sexy
  17. How impressive


There are three origins of this colloquial expression, all of them customary and having three different definitions according to the context:
The first of them refers strictly to the literal tasting or socioeconomic sense of the term, that is, it is an exclamation concerning the exquisiteness of a meal or admiring the prosperity status of a certain person, either because of their opulence, the amount of material goods, their wealth, etc.

The second is an expression used as a loud exclamation admiring the physical attractiveness of a person or persons specifically within an eminently sexual aspect, but without a direct interaction, that is, when the person or persons appear on television, in a photo or in a movie.

The third expression is used in an exclamatory way when you are in front of a person or persons admiring the physical attractiveness, it is also an exaggerated compliment that is usually made to an unknown woman and is often considered nowadays as a phrase of harassment.


Something interesting about the expression “que rico” is that over time it has been modeled through advertising use.

At first it was used exclusively as an exclamatory expression to admire a particular food or dish, then it became an expression widely used as an exclamation towards the personal wealth of someone and then it was widely used in terms of sexual attractiveness, especially in movies or urban music, especially reggaeton.