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Definition of ¡Dale!

The expression ¡dale! is an imperative of giving that suggests a different connotation depending on the intended use. For example, if you are happy, ¡dale! is a bisyllable that denotes security, joy, affirmation “¡dale! you are the best”.

In another sense, if you want to express some displeasure or other expression, you can say “¡dale! y sigues con ese fastidio”. In Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela and other Latin American countries, this word is widely used in popular slang.


  1. Sigue
  2. Let’s go!
  3. You can do it!
  4. Good
  5. Sure
  6. What a bummer!


The expression ¡dale! comes from the verb dar which in Spanish means to give something without expecting anything in return or simply to exchange an object with another person.

The suffix “le” gives, according to some people who use the expression, the personality to the verb using it then to denote other expressions according to the semantics of the sentence.

In countries such as Venezuela, the expression ¡dale! is more of a crutch that is used on any occasion.
Dale! replaces, for example, vamos or así se hace or avanza. It can be used in many sentences and the meaning varies from person to person.


Aval Soluciones Digitales S.A. is a Colombian company named after the expression ¡dale! It is a help that citizens receive, since it is a purely digital proposal to receive and export their payments from the platform.

It has many means by which to make payments and even a card that its colors are blue and yellow and its name is “¡dale!” as it is expressed in writing, with its exclamation marks. If there is something we can highlight about this payment method is that it does not have any credit line or credit cards.