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Definition of Coba

The word Coba has several meaningsthat you probably did not know, it comes from the ancient coward which means “nerding”. In addition, it represents endless connotations throughout the geography. Know the varied concepts behind this word. Go ahead!

According to the SAR, it’s a funny lie. On the other hand, the expression in Spain is broadcast as an interested compliment to achieve a goal “by coba uncle you are amazing!” He also referred to the currency of a real German named “Coba”, did you know this? Stay, there’s more to learn!

Origin and definition

It is mostly used in an informal (colloquial) context, its expression is issued to deceive or mock a person for his lies.

The term is a female noun whose meaning determines reality. It also alludes to a feigned complacency, lie or funny tale.

This expression is very old and related to the Spanish gypsies, because Coba would be the transformation of the word “boca” upside down. Interesting!

Expressions of Coba

Here are some other connotations:

  • Colombia: Used to encourage a person to use actions: “Raul is giving coba so that Alfredo and Jaime stop being friends”
  • Cuba: On the island mentions someone’s dress: “Linda coba luces María”.
  • Venezuela: It expresses itself in the form of a mockery for someone who lies: “Chamo leaves your coba”.

Additional fact

Beyond its expression, there is a village in Spain called La Coba, in the parish of Lebredo, belongs to the community of the Asturian council of Boal.

It has only 13 inhabitants and is located approximately 500 meters above sea level. Receive daily visitors who want to spend moments of relaxation in this natural and comfortable atmosphere.

So far has the review of our singular word. You will now be able to use the term correctly or in the circumstance that warrants it. And don’t let anyone come with coba!