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Definition of Bichi


It is used to designate the act of being naked, especially in the geographical area of ​​Sonora. That is, it expresses the state of being totally stripped of clothes.


In some Latin American areas it is used as a deformation of the English term b*tch. In this context, the word is used as a synonym for someone who engages in prostitution or is romantically involved with many men and is literally translated as bitch.

Informally it is used in an affectionate way to refer to loved ones, especially children or children. It is the shortened form of the diminutive little bug. For example: You are the most beautiful thing in my life, Bichi.



There is no clear record of the origin of this expression in this area of ​​Latin America. However, it is said to have a Zapotec origin with reference to a tree whose leaves fall off and remain “bare”. This is why it adopts the word and it becomes more and more common among Spanish speakers.


Bichi in the sense of bitch or fox is clearly an offensive word taken and adapted from its English counterpart b + tch. This is one of the most popular and well-known insults in the English language worldwide and as in many other terms it has been adapted or Spanishized.


Bichi is the name of a Nigerian town located in the state of Kano a short distance from the border with Niger.

The word Bichi appears as the title of a Surf Rock song by the Mexican group “Vacacion”, made up of Caloncho and David Aguilar.