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Definition of Chimba


Colloquial expression that is used to designate something that is pleasant, good or funny. In other words, it is a synonym for “chevere” or “bacano”.

In diminutive and referring to a woman, it means that she is “very attractive” or “pretty”.

A vulgar way of designating the female reproductive system and, in some cases, the male.

A species of luck or chance that is considered positive or that generates an undeserved benefit. I passed the pure chimba subject.

In requests or requests it is interpreted as an emphatic response that there is no possibility of accessing it. In other words, it can be interpreted as “don’t even think about it” or “never”.

In some cases it is a synonym for nothing or “not even a little”.

In its male version, it generally refers to something that is false or that is an imitation of something similar but that is of better quality.

With the prefix “re”, which is widely used in the central area of ​​the country, it refers to something that is very bad or lousy.


This term is often used to designate a homemade or handmade firearm.

Synonymous with gas tank or pipette, that is, the container that is used to store propane gas and then serves as power for stoves and other elements. Also, the masculine “chimbo” is used.


In a body of water it designates the opposite side from the one you are on, that is, the other shore.


Woman who is natural or lives in Bilbao, that is to say, who is synonymous with the name of Bilbao. In this context: Marina, are you chimba?

In the Basque Country it is the term used to designate the females of different species of birds, among which are the shrike, redstart and warbler.


Woman who belongs to an Amerindian people typical of the Ecuadorian Andes. That is, it belongs to the chimbos.

Thin braid that is used in various hairstyles, in this sense it is used in different parts of South America.



There is no clear origin of the word chimba and of the different meanings that are had in this country. Some associate it with the term “cachimba which means “hole”. In this case, the relationship is direct with the female reproductive system and from there the other referrals are made.


Word that originates from Quechua and means “la otra banda” or “on the other side of the river”. In this sense, it began to be used to designate the homemade weapons made by the civilian population to defend themselves or attack in the middle of the war that took place in the country.


Chimba is a word adopted from Quechua and one of its main meanings is “la otra orilla”. That same sense is preserved in this territory.


The word “chimba” is of Basque origin and is used to designate different types of birds. The extensive use of the term in the area called “Basque Country”, especially in Bilbao, the capital of Biscay, has made it a type of name for the inhabitants of this place.


At the beginning of 2020, the Colombian singer Maluma launched the song “Que chimba”. Exactly, it was released on March 12 as an independent single.

In Santiago de Chile, there is a popular neighborhood called “La chimba” which is located north of the Chilean capital.