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Definition of Chingoteo

Substantive way of referring to the verb chingar and that means different things depending on the context. In the Spanish language it generally designates the act of disturbing a person.

puerto rico

Designates the act of having sex with someone. For example: Hoy voy al chingoteo con María. (Today I’m going to fuck with Maria).

central america

Act of cutting the tail of an animal, especially, refers to equines or bovines. However, it is not an exclusive use for these animals.


In the Río de la Plata area this word is used to refer to the moment when a garment is spread unevenly. In other words, hanging clothes in a way that is unsightly.


Synonymous with erring or failing, from this perspective, the term is used at times when people receive a different result than what they wanted or expected.


Word used to designate the act of getting drunk or being drunk. In other words, frequently consume alcoholic beverages.


Chingoteo comes from the word “chingar” which, in turn, comes from the word calo cingarar that designates the verb fight in Spanish. For this reason, the general meaning of the term refers to the fights or discomfort that one person can cause to another.

The polysemy of the word is quite wide, however, the origin of all uses is the same regardless of the meaning or the place in which it is used.


Chingoteo is a song by the artist “DJ Kelvin el Sacamostro” that was released in 2015. This song featured the participation of “Jowell & Randy” and “De la Ghetto”.