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Persona no Binaria

Definition of Persona no Binaria

In general, binarism is the identification as male and female or masculine and feminine. Therefore, a non-binary person is one who claims not to belong to either of these camps.

Within the world of gender ideology, non-binary people (Persona no Binaria in Spanish) are those who identify with a gender different from the biological ones. That is, they feel identified by an alternative gender known as “3rd Gender”, others argue that there can be an infinite number of genders or none at all.

ORIGIN OF Persona no Binaria

The origin of the phrase “non-binary person” comes from the word “binary” which in turn means “something that is composed of two elements”. These two elements are the masculine and feminine gender respectively. In short, the non-binary person presumes not to identify with this system, i.e. not to be feminine or masculine.

There is debate about a third gender which is formed when a person identifies with both feminine and masculine qualities. People who periodically identify with characteristics of both genders are also called “gender fluid persons”.

CURIOSITIES OF Persona no Binaria

One of the most representative cases of a “non-binary person” is the singer Sam Smith who in 2017 declared himself a “non-binary person”. Smith said in an interview that he felt identified with female and male traits respectively.