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Definition of Ndrangheta

Ndrangheta, is a word that originates from Greek ἀνδραγαθία which is equal to “andragathía” and means “The value of the noble man”.

The etymological origin of the word Ndrangheta comes from the combination ἀνδρ that expresses “manliness” and αγαθία that is related to “virtue and goodness”.

Some interpretations point to the term Ndrangheta from the Greek ἀνδραγαϑέω (ndranghitiari) and that it means “pretending to be a worthy man”.

In the slang of Calabria (region in the south west of Italy), this word refers to a criminal association called “the honorable society of Calabria”. It is also used as singular to define the man considered worthy who protects and enforces his honor.

Ndrangheta criminal organization

criminal organization that originated in Calabria in the mid-1950s and operates in various regions of the world is known by the name of Ndrangheta.

This group is characterized by carrying out a series of rituals, symbols and illicit actions such as kidnappings, human trafficking, corruption, intimidation, violence and drug and firearms trafficking.

Presumably, it is an organization that is directly involved with illegal political activities, committing blackmail to opt for contracting significant works.

The Ndrangheta organization is compared to the Cosa Nostra Siliciana or the Camorra of Campania, even, many times they define it as such. However, it is a criminal group that operates totally independent of these.

Some Italian sources estimate that in 2007, Ndrangheta generated close to € 40 billion, translating into 3.5% of GDP in Italy.