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Definition of Hache

Eighth letter of the Spanish alphabet that is represented by the graphic symbol “h”. In alphabetical order it corresponds to the sixth consonant of the language.

The only letter that lacks phonetics and does not represent any sound. Associated with the grapheme “c” it acquires a sound that differs greatly from the original sound of the letter “ce”.


The word hache to designate the letter of the Spanish alphabet comes from the homonymous French hache and, the latter, from the late Latin haca. The meaning for each of these terms is the same, namely, to designate the aspiration symbolized by the alphabetic sign “h”.

It is said that the Romans used the hache to mark an aspiration in their manuscripts, without having to raise their hand on the sheet of paper. Perhaps this is the reason why this letter is “mute” in almost all Romance languages.


Hache is the name given to a Spanish series distributed by Netflix. It premiered on November 1, 2019, and ended with a second season for February 5, 2021. The name of the series comes from the pseudonym given to the protagonist.

There is a YouTube channel called “Hache” that has approximately half a million subscribers and is focused on dubbing for film and cinema in general.