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Definition of Perreo

Dance in which normally two people have very close bodies and move with sensuality and eroticism. 

costa rica

Transitive verb that refers to the act of deceiving or cheating someone. An example would be: “Pobre Juanito siempre cae en mi perreo” (Juan is always deceived by me).

Intransitive verb that designates a man who is a womanizer and is romantically related to several women. 


Transitive action of belittling someone because of their social condition, race or religion. In this context, it is a synonym for discrimination.


  1. Dance
  2. Sandungueo
  3. Culipandeo
  4. Grinding

costa rica

  1. Cheated
  2. Stole
  3. Usury


  1. Discrimination
  2. Segregation
  3. Vituperation


Perreo in all its meanings comes from the word “dog” and the suffix “ear” that turns a noun into action. In this case, it refers to acting or doing something belonging to or referring to dogs.

Perreo is a dance style characterized by imitating the movement of dogs. In this dance, the participants have to move their hips like dogs do when they are mating.

costa rica

The first meaning that refers to theft comes from associating dogs with beings that deceive to attack someone or that are friendly and then bite. For this reason, it designates a person who deceives others.

In the sense of designating a womanizing man, it makes a clear allusion to the sexual behaviors of dogs that are polygamic unlike other animals. Thus, perreo is the action of behaving like a dog relationally.


It is related to treating others like dogs, that is, not giving the inherent dignity in the human being regardless of its origin or other possible classification. That is, it is discriminating against others for different reasons.


Perreo is one of the oldest terms used in reggaeton and urban music. It is part of many lyrics and even song titles, including the 2021 song by Anuel AA and Ozuna.