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Definition of Peñi

The word peñi is part of the Andean language of Chile and Argentina, being more specific to the Mapuche people and their traditional language. Next in , we will show you what is the meaning of peñi and some additional information of general interest on this term.

The origin of Peñi comes directly from the Mapuche or Mapudungun language as it is called by native speakers. Thus, peñi means Brother and it should be noted that this term is used only for the masculine gender.

Another possible meaning that we can attribute to this word is the friendly, colloquial or racist designation of a man of Mapuche origin.

The Mapuche language is like the traditional language of the Amerindian people known as Mapuche, which inhabits part of Argentina and Chile respectively.

Thus, the term peñi can also be used as a synonym for comrade or friend, as long as that person is of Mapuche ethnicity.

Below we will show some practical examples of how the word peñi is used within Chile and Argentina.

  • “My peñi Cristóbal came to visit us” – My brother Cristóbal came to visit us.
  • ” The Peñi Juan was right ” – The companion Juan was right.
  • ” The other day I met a peñi ” – The other day I met someone from the Mapuche people.