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Definition of Mamba

Are you curious about the term Mamba? This is one that refers to a reptile, but … what is the meaning of Mamba? Then we remove the doubt. Do we start

The origin of Mamba comes from Africa , specifically from the name given to certain snakes of a certain species, which inhabits the African continent.

As such, the original name of the Mambas is, Dendroaspis, which translated from African means “Snake of the trees”

In this way, the meaning of Mamba translates to “Scaly snake of the Elapidae family of vipers.”, A family of vipers that inhabit the trees.

With regard to the genus of mamba snakes, it has 4 species known so far.

The eastern or common green Mamba.

Jameson Mamba or Congo green.

Western Green Mamba

And the Black Mamba , which is the most popular and known of all.

Among the main characteristics of this type of snake are its venom, which has powerful neurotoxins capable of killing a human being without problems.

Its large size (black Mamba), which makes it the largest venomous snake just below the famous royal cobra.

Finally, its high speed which exceeds that of an average human when traveling in the open.

For these reasons already mentioned, the black mamba is one of the most feared snakes in all of Africa given its high speed and the great toxicity of its poison.

Kobe Bryant (The Black Mamba)

When we refer to “Black Mamba” or Black Mamba in English, it is likely that you relate it to the famous basketball player Kobe Bryant.

Bryant, in the beginning he received this nickname given his agility and great ability when playing basketball, thus resembling a black mamba.