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Definition of Labia

It is a term that refers to the ability to express yourself with fluent and convincing language to persuade through words. For example: Martín does have a lot of lip.

By extension, it refers to someone who convinces another from lies. This can be applied in terms of romantic relationships, in politics and other contexts. An example would be: Do not believe anything to that politician, that is pure lip service.


  1. Oratory
  2. Verbiage
  3. Parlería
  4. Eloquence
  5. Fluency


  1. Inexpressiveness
  2. Shyness
  3. Be quiet
  4. Laconism


Its etymological origin comes from the Latin labium which designates the fleshy rim in the mouth of humans and animals. Labia was born as an expression of speaking easily, for this reason, it is related to a part of the body that is used to speak, in this case, the lips.

The word labia has two totally different perspectives. In the beginning, having lip service “is positive”, as it indicates that the speech is handled effectively. However, the term lip is also used in a derogatory way to say that someone is a liar.


Having a lip is useful in many areas of life. It can work to convince someone, fall in love, get a job, and ultimately, show a good image.

The labia is a very important tool to achieve personal and professional success. However, not only the ease of speaking is needed, but also other characteristics, such as empathy.