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Definition of Malamente

Malamente is a term used in Spain, specifically among gypsy speakers residing in that Iberian country. In recent times the term has gained relevance thanks to the Singer Rosalía. Below we will show you what is the meaning of Malamente. Shall we start?

Malamente it has a simple meaning to understand, basically it means in a bad way. Can be translated as badly.

The term is malamente colloquial in nature, and is used to a greater extent in the Spanish region of Andalusia or in gypsy communities.

This word is made up of the adverb Mal and the suffix mind, seen as a resource that transforms adjectives into adverbs.

Example: Specifically, Really, Incredibly. And others.

We must bear in mind that, as such, this word works as an adverb, although officially Rae does not consider its existence.

Malamente (Song)

In 2018, the Spanish singer Rosalía released her album El mar querer , where her first song and single was malamente titled.

This single quickly became a resounding success for the singer, all thanks to the mix of different sounds used on the album.

The content of this song is based on a broken relationship through metaphors about an impending breakup and the feeling of breakup.

That broken little crystal, I felt it creak.

Before falling to the ground, I already knew it was breaking.

Malamente (Rosalia)