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Definition of Mayaken

This word is what designates a wolf in the Classic Nahuatl language. Therefore, it literally means wolf.


Translated from the Hindi language, mayaken means maiden or virgin girl.


  1. Wolf
  2. Lupine


The word mayaken does not appear in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. Currently, this word does not have a specific use in the native Mexican language known as Náhuatl, from which it comes. However, originally, it was used to designate the wolf.

It is from the Nahuatl language that this term is used. However, in other languages, such as Hindi, it means maiden. However, there is no known relationship with its use in Spanish.

The term mayaken has been popularized especially by the Mexican series “Diablero”. In this film, the word is the name of one of the important characters in the plot.


Mayaken is one of the leading characters in the Mexican series entitled “Diablero” on the virtual streaming platform Netflix.

The series “Diablero” is based on the horror book “The Devil forced me” by the Mexican writer Francisco Haghenbeck.

The Moroccan Amine Temri singer, best known in the music world as Aminux. This artist rose to fame in 2016 thanks to the single entitled “Mayaken Ma”.