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Definition of Aluza

It is the conjugation in the third person of the singular of the verb “aluzar” which means to illuminate or illuminate. That is, it refers to the act of using light to see better in some space. For example: Could you please aluzarme up here, I don’t see very well with this shadow.

By extension, this word is used to imply the action of thinking or reasoning correctly. This is because the birth of an idea is associated with the concept of enlightening.

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It is said of the action of reviewing or examining elements or objects through light. Especially when it comes to eggs to check if they are hatched.


Aluza is a word that comes from the verb “aluzar” which is a synonym for “illuminate”. The latter is the result of the union of the prefix “a” and the word “light”, that is, it literally means “to light” or “to a light”. Therefore, it is directly associated with the process of lighting a place, one thing or another.

Although it is a term of little use, it is fully accepted by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language. It is a term of use a little more formal than others and its use has been declining with the passage of time and read the evolution of the language.


“The story of aluza” is a story that refers to the “spiritual journey” of people to find enlightenment and be part of the whole. That is, the term is used as a metaphysical concept of enlightenment.