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Definition of Desafiliado

It is the denial of Affiliate, that is, to stop belonging to something. Usually a person can join different organizations or services. Therefore, when you are desafiliado, you are no longer part of them. For example: Marcos is desafiliado from the club because he no longer has time for leisure.

In legal terms, a desafiliado person loses the rights and duties that he held in the organization to which he belonged. Among them, respect previously imposed oaths, norms and policies.


The word deasfiliado comes from the Greek terms des and philoso which mean “separation” and “family” or “friend” respectively. From this perspective, it literally means “to stop being a family” or “to separate from the family”. In Spanish it is used to designate the act of ceasing to belong to an organization or service.

Desafiliarse is the action of separating or leaving a business name or organization, to which you were previously affiliated. Currently, this word is widely used in the world of business and politics, that is, affiliations and disaffiliations something relatively common among these lines.


A person is designated as a desafiliado from a religion when he leaves his community or apostatized from the faith, that is, he commits acts inappropriate for the organization.

One of the most controversial cases is the desafiliacion of the “Tiburones de Veracruz” club in December 2019, in which said sports club was separated from the Mexican Soccer Federation.