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Definition of Pegao

In the slang of the urban genre, pegao is to be famous at the moment, or to have your song played a lot on the radio.


  1. To sound a lot with a song, to be famous.
  2. Joined
  3. Stoned


The word pegao is the vulgarization of a verb and like all participles, it always denotes the past tense “pegado”.

It forms the perfect tense of the normal conjugation in Spanish: había pegado, he pegado, he pegado, habré pegado or habrán pegado.

Thus pegar is defined as to adhere, join or unite one thing with another with some compound or substance, which can be a glue, or any other similar product.

Also, and depending on the context, it can mean to join one element to another by means of a tie or a chain, but it can be used to designate that someone is being mistreated with blows.

However, pegao, besides being an adjective widely used in Latin America, seems to have become a musical style in itself.

It is undeniable that the urban genre does not cease to grow and it is precisely from there that terms that were unknown or not used are gradually becoming part of the usual lexicon.

“Pegao”, can be described as the latest and most popular of the urban sound, which encompasses artists such as Rosalía, Morad, Bad Gyal and Rauw Alejandro, for example.


At the time, the artist Bad Gyal called herself “La más pegá de España”.

The urban music group CNCO and singer Manuel Turizo made a song titled “Pegao”, as well as the famous Wisin y Yandel.

In Venezuela, pegao is the name given to a person killed by the underworld or to someone who has no money. It is also used to designate those who are under the influence of drugs.