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Pecho frío

Definition of Pecho frío

The expression “pecho frío”, which means cold chest in English, is made up of two words. The word chest refers to the part of the body that joins the neck with the torso, the word cold refers to the low temperature of the environment that makes people have to wrap up warm.

Now, the expression cold chest is used in sports, especially among the fans of a team to refer to a player whose characteristic is not to give everything for the team, a cold chest is a player who does not contribute positively to his team, he is always doing nothing.

SYNONYMS OF Pecho frío

● Lazy
● Bad player
● Uninterested
● Unpatriotic

ORIGIN OF Pecho frío

The phrase cold chest has its origin in Argentina, this country is characterized by having a possible quite interesting and very passionate about soccer fans, sport in which players wear the insignia of their team on the shirt, it is located right on the chest of the players so they began to make metaphors about it.

A cold chest is the one who does not feel anything for the insignia he wears, who does not watch over his team, who does not know how to play, who is a bad sportsman.

Touching the insignia or shield of the team to which the player belongs is a symbol of belonging, of love, of fraternity, therefore, the expression cold chest refers to the fact that the love for the team is cold or frozen, in other words, the player’s love for his team does not exist.


Pecho frío is the title of a song by Ariel Pillo, who sings in honor of the Argentinean player Lionel Messi, making it clear that this man is one of the gods of soccer today.