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Definition of MamaBicho

It is a vulgar and contemptuous expression, usually used in an aggressive and degrading way. Literally, it refers to someone whose job is to perform fellatio or, in other words, to do oral sex.

By extension, the term is used to insult someone or refer in a rude way although not denoting the literal meaning. For example: I went to work yesterday, and there was a mamabicho eating everyone’s donuts.


  1. Mamaguevo
  2. Mamañema
  3. MMG


The term mamabicho is a compound word; “Mama” and “bug”. “Mama” comes from sucking or sucking, and “bug” in Puerto Rico is a term used to refer to the male reproductive organ. From that perspective, it refers to someone who sucks the penis or performs fellatio.

Despite its literal meaning, the word mamabicho is used as a generic insult. In reality, you almost never want to denote its semantics, but instead express yourself to emphatically offend someone. In addition to this, as a foul way of referring to someone.


There are several urban genre songs that are titled “mamabicho”. Generally, they have been created as part of offensive disputes characteristic of artists of these genres. Although externally it is seen as a dispute, it is also used as a way of making yourself known.