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Definition of Lodoso

The word lodoso comes from the Latin «lutōsus». It is used as an adjective to refer to an area or place that contains abundant mud. This is used worldwide in different Spanish-speaking countries.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, this is defined as “full of mud”. Which is used to characterize that someone, something and even an area, are covered in mud.

This word is made up of two morphemes, on the one hand, the noun “mud” and on the other the suffix “bear” to denote the quality of something. Being the mud, a word derived from the Latin lutum, which refers to the matter resulting from the mixture of earth and water.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, mud is the mixture resulting from rainwater falling on the ground. This is a masculine noun often used in rainy seasons or when big storms hit the fields.

In many countries, the word lodoso or muddy is used colloquially, as a synonym for lodoso. However, according to the RAE, barrizal refers to a site or place full of mud.

Being the word mud, a masculine noun used to define the mass that results from the combination of water and earth or sand.

So, in terms of composition and structure, it is different to refer to something or an area as lodoso or as a quagmire. The mud is an earthy and malleable material, while the mud is more pasty and liquid.

Lodoso cenagoso game

It is a fairly popular game, developed by Fanatee Games, also called CodyCross lodoso, boggy. Which consists of a group of crosswords distributed by levels.

Being the objective of the same to answer the unknowns from clues that the game offers us. It contains various topics that test your intellect. These include science, literature, politics, and even mathematics