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Bibble Barbie

Definition of Bibble Barbie


Fictional character that is part of a series of animated films for children, including “Barbie Fairytopia”.

Toys, stuffed animals and the like associated with the previous character and very well received around the world.


The term Bibble Barbie does not have a specific meaning, it is used as a reference to indicate the Bibble character that appears in some Barbie movies.

From the above, it can be understood that Bibble Barbie is an assignment that is born from the searches of the Bibble character. Due to his fame the two words became the common way of referring to the character or his toys.


Bibble is a kind of small and chubby mushroom, it is blue with pink spots. In English, its species is defined as a puffball.

The saga for children produced by Universal and directed by William Lau, has three installments known as: Barbie Fairytopia, Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia and the last one so far, released in 2007, entitled Barbie Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow. ).

Lee Tockar is the one who plays the Bibble character.