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Definition of Clandestino

You wonder what Clandestino means, a word that was recently used by  Shakira and Maluma as the title for one of their music albums. Here at, we are going to explain what clandestino means.

Something clandestino is characterized  by being executed secretly  or privately, especially  for  illegal purposes, although this is not all that clandestino means. The  clandestino, in general, is linked to activities that are carried out with the back to the law, or directly illegal. 

 Clandestino Synonyms

  • Secret, Hidden, Covert.
  • Unlawful, Illegal, Illegitimate, Prohibited.

However, the meaning of clandestino does not always depend on the law and this is relative to the context or the situation. Then you will understand.

Clandestino love

In clandestino love stories, lovers must look for hidden corners to unleash their love, since their love may be prohibited for different reasons.

Clandestino drinks

With clandestino beverages, we refer to all alcoholic beverages, distilled or fermented, that are outside the law due to contraband, illegal artisan manufacturing, tax evasion of local production or because it is alcohol not fit for human consumption diverted to the market. of alcoholic beverages.

Clandestino meetings

Secret meetings where suspicious or illegal things are done.

Making the meaning clear and because certain clandestino activities constitute a penalty. Hence, those who operate in hiding try to stay hidden or without attracting attention.

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Not all clandestino situations are legally prohibited. Some are hardly socially sanctioned.

You already know what it is clandestino.