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Definition of Rawr

Onomatopoeia that pretends to resemble a roar. Mainly a small feline or a dinosaur.

By extension, a way to provoke tenderness and to tell someone “I love you or I love you.” For example:

Ah, are you upset? I don’t think so, Rawr!

Rawr, how beautiful you look in that blouse!

I really value your company, rawr

Rawr! I wish we could meet today

In the context of couples it can be a way to incite intimate relationships. In this case, giving the image of the passion that a “feline” or a “feline” can produce.


The beginning of the use of Rawr in the sense of “I love you” does not have a clear origin. Most popular, it is the use of an illustration of a baby dinosaur expressing the roar. In addition, this image has been used as a meme and interpreted as “I love you” in the dinosaur language.

Despite the above, the use of rawr has gone viral and many people use it in their conversations on social networks.


In everyday practice, these types of expressions such as: rawr, uwu, aww, etc; They are used mostly in telephone conversations or through social networks; because users tend to use them and accompany them with an emoticon, sticker or image that is consistent with what they want to express.

Rawr is not only a manifestation of affection and affection, it is also used to release tension in a generally virtual conversation. It is used as a way to downplay the other person’s annoyance and try to get back to the good rhythm that said talk brought.

Rawr Messenger is an application that allows you to create an avatar and chat while the avatars “interact”. Possibly, its name is associated with the use of the expression Rawr.